[<Procedure Description>]

[<Accession Number>]

[<Completed Date>] [Time]


[Reason for exam.]




High resolution 1.25 mm slice thickness helical acquisitions without contrast in the prone and supine positions every 10 mm. This was followed by 5 mm contiguous slice thickness helical acquisitions after IV administration of [] cc of Omnipaque 350.


[The lung fields are clear without infiltrates, effusions, a pneumothorax or suspicious pulmonary nodules.]

[The heart is normal without cardiomegaly or a pericardial effusion.]

[The mediastinum and hilar structures appear normal without mass lesions or adenopathy.]

[The thoracic aorta appears normal with aneurysm or dissection.]

[The chest wall and axillary regions appear normal.]

[The neck base and thyroid appear normal.]

[The osseous structures of the thorax appear normal for age.]

[The visualized upper abdomen appears normal.]

[No lines or tubes are identified.]

[No postoperative changes are present.]


  1. [Normal high resolution CT Chest without and with contrast.]

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